As Andy Warhol once said, "The nicest piece of art is empty land". The Limasan's are surrounded by standing coconut trees and which carry out an endless supply of fresh coconuts, and spacious grass and garden areas.

There will be a number of facilities and activities that would eventually be available in Desa Limasan. A large swimming pool with a kids play area for families to spend the day, beach front restaurant that serves Indonesian and Western foods, a mini golf driving range, bird watching, surfing of course, trolling, fishing, hill hiking, snorkling, internet, billiard, a ping pong table, just to name a few. Currently we have six stand up paddling boards that are available to go up the nearby river with stunning nature surroundings.

Our goal eventually is to cater and accommodate to families with children, surfers, nature lovers, yoga and meditation enthusiasts from cities all over Indonesia, as well as guests from over seas.

To make this dream a reality it will take a long time. But there is no need to rush. Everything is made very nice and slowly. Time will give space for new ideas to florish and old ones to develope. We like it to stay as natural as possible and be on good terms with the people from the village.